Dealer's Choice Release Show at Bishop's Lounge

We had a blast at the Dealer's Choice Album Release Show at Bishop's Lounge in Northampton. Many of us are still struggling to find lost articles of clothing, inhibitions, and water bottles. DRINK MORE WATER PLEASE! It was fun. Maybe even too much fun...nah. Thank you to everyone that came out, Straight Sex, and thank you to the Bishop's crew for hosting!

Litter Box Sessions

Thank you to the talented people at Litter Box Sessions for the live sessions. If you don't already know Litter Box Sessions in Lowell MA works with local and touring musicians to make all sorts of awesome musical projects, but most noteably dope live session music videos. You can check out all their work here, and you can check out our live session of our new song Broken Teeth below.

Arts on the Lake

Watching the waves of Lake Carmel glint in the the night is a magestic sight, but it is nothing compared to sharing the stage with our new friends DIA, Worn Thin, Territory, Whiskey Neat, and Hidden Acre. Thank you for the rocking show Carmel, and thank you Nate Kellogg for stepping in on guitar. Already looking forward to the next Carmel show.

Lake Carmel

Bitchn' Release

Have you ever just had one of those bitchn' weekends that you wish you could have back. We released our Good Game physicals, played two shows with Bitchn'n'Dudes, had our first show with Teenage Halloween, hung out on the Puffers Pond cliffs all day, and Bitch'n'Dudes taught us how to make Loco Mocos.

Release Show Lineup

Happy Birthday Emily

Barbella was awesome. You can't recreate madness at that scale. Drinks flowed like Niagra. There were enough games for it to be acarde. Sleep was just some silly after thought. All the bands were killer, and set the grooves for the whole night. The black light basement dance party, the ruit tables, and the bounce house were impressive, but I think we all were most impressed with the renting of the porta-potty


We Just Released Good Game!

It's here it's clear it's the new CTOP record. We have been working on this one for about a year now, and are very proud and excited to share this one with all of you. We would like to give a big thank you to Calum Brockie for recording and mixing, and Sean Walsh for the album art. Also Lenny played a big part too, so if you're reading this you should probably call him and tell him how much you appreciate him.

Lowell and the Tip

Thanks to Landing Feet First, Boagrius, Ghost Camp and everyone that came out to the show at The Tip. We had the best of times and would say we are coming back very soon, but we are not leaving. We love this Lowell and will stay here until our couch visas expire. We would also like to give a shout out to the turtle gods who greeted us at the river, as you can clearly see in this photo.

CTOP at the River

We Had a Kid!

Just kidding, but not really we just finished up recording our first full length album, and should be fingers crossed releasing it soon. We do not have a release date yet, but we can tell you the album will be titled Good Game and will feature 10 tracks. Our drummer Liam the Cregan is seen below prepping for his sick drum sesh.

Liam Records

We Updated the Website

The old site is dead, behold the better new one! Our good friend Anna Stevans created all of this wicked original art work, and she deserves most of the credit. Love ya Anna! So ya, check it out. We will try to keep it more up to date in the future, design updates will appear periodically.

New Paltz and the Popo

New Paltz was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed playing for you all. Unfortunately, the show at Dimension C-137 was broken up by the police during Shakusky's set. We were all stoked to see Take One Car play, but the man had other plans. Hopefully we can all have the opportunity to play together soon. The bands that did get a chance to play were all wonderful. See the event page for more details.

Look at Brian!

Our good friend and free agent Brian Rechter played a show with a little known band called, Bad Fish on January 2nd this new year. Brian and his skanktastic band Backyard Super Heroes kicked ass, and created a micro universe through sheer energy. Go Brian!

Go Brian!

Carmel You're Beautiful Kid

We just had the honor of playing this year's Flannel fest in Carmel New York, hosted lakeside of beautiful lake Carmel. A lot of great bands played and here they all are my friends. Whiskey Neat, Little Motel, DIA, Reckless Serenade, Samurai Pizza Cats, Stellar Young, Take One Car, and the best eggrols I have ever had.

We have some New Live Videos Up on the Youtubes

It feels good to be home with our friends from 36 Chambers again. We played a show with Sister Helen, Radio Compass, and Mail Myself to Thoreau, and we happened to stash a video camera behind us to snag some sweet vids. You can find the whole set on our videos page, but here is the video of Let Sleeping Dogs Die to hold you over for three minutes and fifty four seconds.

We have T-Shirts!

Check it out we have T-shirts for $10 and you can check them out in all their glory out below. Our talented friend and artist, Anna Stevens, designed the logo for our T-shirts. We got all the things, Large, Small, Medium, X-Large, heather red, sport grey, black, and purple. You can put one on show it to your neighbor, mom, and grocery store cashier. Once you have one, you will not be able to sleep without it. So good luck, it's inevitable you're buying a shirt, and you are never going to sleep again. We are so sorry.


Chillin' with Chilled Monkey Brains

Played a wicked show with Chilled Monkey Brains , Smokey Mochas , and Wax On, at our favorite bar Michael's Billiards. We all got to chill back at Bling Mansion and just show the love of the ska. Check out Chilled Monkey Brain's latest album.

Sending Off Snowhaus

This past Sunday night our friends at 36 Chambers hosted a bitch'n show for our new friends Bitch'n Dudes, and our old friends Snowhaus and Wax On. It was the first show of Snowhaus's summer tour, and Hadley you sent them off in style. We saw skanking and pits all night, as well as epic sing alongs for Snowhaus's set. We would highly suggest catching Snowhaus on their summer tour.

Poor Jeremy You Will Missed

Our new friends in Poor Jeremy are going on hiatus and will be playing their last show for some time in Allston on 5/24/15. We were lucky enough to play with these gangsters one last time in Amherst at Michael's Billiards on May 20th. The line up was stacked my friends. The Prude Show, Snowhaus, Of the course Poor Jeremy, and the Crash the Owl Party. We were all happy to send our friends off with this wicked show, and we were all happy to skank our brains off.
click here for more details about the event
Also everyone has to check out Poor Jeremy's newest cd. I made it easy for you. The bandcamp is embeded right here!

We just realeased a new cd!

Check out our first demo cd "Bite the Bullet". We like it, and you might too. Mike plays sax bro, and Tony plays a big bone, so don't miss this exciting opportunity to listen to ska!

Show with Best of the Worst, Poor Jeremy, and Wax On

On April 18th we got to play with New Jersey skacore superman status band Best of the Worst, the hard hitters, music masters, and skankamonsters that are Poor Jeremy, and our talented and good friends in Wax On, who did the best Nintendo ska mash up I have ever heard to the Theme of Kirby's Dreamland. Thank you to everyone that came, and thank you to all of the bands. It was the greatest.

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