Theme Song

Bitter waves crash against these ice cold rocks
And a cigarette burns in the tray
If it was good enough for Sinatra
Than it's good enough for me
I'll drive my chevy to the levee and
I'll raise my glass right to the sky
Say goodbye to my mother for me
Tell her that I loved her, goodbye

I can't live this life anymore
I keep washing up on my front door
And baby I had to pay the toll
As my days get thinner
Everyday I dream of the end
The morning light I've come to dread
I'm fuckin wasted with my friends
And I'm slippin off the edge

Well I've seen the Devil's eyes
I watched them bleed silver and gold
I've listened to the Devil's heart
It turned my heart to stone
I've kissed the Devil's lips
How could I ever atone
For the sins I will commit
Oh lord, have mercy on my soul

When I was a young boy I was always told
That punk rock is the devil's work
And to never strike a deal that you can't uphold
So when my brother struck a deal with the devil
I said hey kid you shouldn't have meddled
I took the devil by the hand and say take me instead
And now I can never die
For all eternity

Magicians in Your Face

Talk dirty to me, talk dirty to me
This bar is filled of empty dreams

An irish car bomb followed by a Smirnoff and I'll fumble around with my keys
You say that youve drank from the fountain of youth and if you want the truth
no one can make you happy

I can see you, over there, a picture of perfection neverending
you've got brains under that curly hair, and my will is bending
you pull out, a spliff, and I'll smoke like a chimney in July
I think I just spoke to my past lives, oh baby I'm just really high
really high
A blue square, and a red strip, and I'll Crash like a fireball on pompeii
At the end we will always say
it was just another day, another day

If we were painted, black and white, you'd read like the pages of a book
I ask hey, hows about we get out of here, and you give me that look, woah
We crawl out, on the roof, and crowed like a roosters morning song
We clawed like dogs until the morning sun, then ripped dat bong
A blue square, and a red strip, and I'll Crash like a fireball on Pompeii
At the end we will always say
It was just another day, another day

OOOOh Falling Under

I woke up spittin and hittin my fist on the ground,
You slipped out in the middle of the night
and left a note, with your number on the right
I sat down, and drank the beer off the floor
And I liked it
I loved it

Happy Passover

You'll see the flock of sparrows whispin' away
You'll see the ashes fall and cover the world in gray

I stuck a hand out to my sweet
She was so far away
I never thought that I would
Ever live to see this day

When the earth stopped shaking
The earth froze right on top our feet
I saw my sweet, she had
Succumbed to the unruly heat

And there she blows
Down to her toes
And I run through the snow
Ooooh yeah
And I'll never forget her face

When the Earth goes silent and the air is calm
The clouds will look a hydrogen bomb


Well I fancy the idea that our lives will serve
a higher purpose someday
Cause walkin' through the desert is easier when
aspirations cloud my nightmares
I can't even imagine what it will be like to one day
soar through the stratosphere

It's been, so long, since I've seen a place where I belong,
And now I watch the darkness devour the sky,
It's 2am in this empty desert that we call home
My fate may sleep in the sand but you can't break these bones

The dust over here is thick and it's getting hard to breathe

What a glorious time we live in. Ooh Red, white and blue, how could I hate you too.
When waves of fire come crashin down, I'll sing
With a blullet in foot, and lead in my heart

Ratty white eyes, fire'n the sky, all my brothers by my side.
Run, to die, for what rrrrah

The sky is open, the end is near as I flirt with the angel of death
She swoops down and grabs me with her big meaty claws

Her Magesty the Fourth

A silent swamp whispers its name,
and ignites in a hot burst of flames
A weeping willow 50 foot tall
we laugh as we watch it all fall
A screaming forest set ablaze
A screaming forest set ablaze
We'll answer to all our mistakes

In the future
Is lookin bleak
What are the consequences we can't see
This ice we stand on, is growing thin
You better pray if you dont know how to swim

Her Majesty's arrow will pierce the sky
Our days are dark and we've all gone blind
As the oceans rise, empires will fall.
All it takes is one spark to change the world

One last look
At the bright blue sky
Before the fire takes it and earth goes dry
We built skyscrapers, we touched heaven

You hold the hatchet in your hands
After all, idle hands are the devils tools

Winston Churchill's Midnight Drive

Lets go!
It was the middle of the night
What were we to do
Only to remember that as our days pass,
The stars still glow (The clouds still roll)

Times were tough and we needed to get by
So we loaded up to pull off the heist
Of the biggest diamond you've ever seen, oh lawd
We cocked our guns and ran in with no fear
The angry voice was screamin in my ear
Everybody cooperate and just stay calm
No ones gotta die today

all I heard was the hiss of the gun
my heart beat like the pounding of a drum
a puddle of blood across the floor, oh lawd
we ran like animals from the zoo
My greed and guilt began to grow
What have we done now
And to whom the bell tolls

Let Sleeping Dogs Die

Sittin in my room,
dreamin of the month of june,
and all the time I think,
I wish you'd come back soon

You took my breathe away,
Sleeping dogs wont die today
I think back to the past
How the world took you away

Ragers under the summer moon
The days of our past are gone
And cheap bourbons in full bloom

Icarus dickory doo
Fuck me, oh no fuck you
Shout out to beach fires and beers
my heart belongs to you

OOOOh Ooh Ooh
I'm a lost soul, its in Amherst I'm free
OOOh oooh oooh
I'm a lost soul, its in the air I breath

Skiddity scram,
the rest of you damn
leaves on the tree
and the air becomes crispy

Down to the lake
All night we would stay
Building up forts
And smoking away the day

Is not hard to find
With all of this time
Sipping on wine
A drunk night spent on the floor

Pointed at you
Your face turns blue
What will you do
When the smack comes looking for you

when life took a wrong turn
I would still see you smile
We'd stay up all night drinking till the gin well ran out

When I had found you
Lifeless like a stone
I ripped my heart out and burnt it along with the cross

I drove to the alleyway
where she spent her remaining days
I heard the hiss of a snake
And spit right in his fucking face
The blood on my hands will never wash off I won't forgot the pain that they brought
Sleeping dogs will never

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