We're just a couple of kids up to some good, playing ska music in our neighborhood. We got one little show and our mom's got scared they said "I liked your harmonies, melody, tightness, and the slow reggae parts, but then you got really scary and people were pushing and hitting each other. My god it was like you were telling the story of a fictional Desmond Dekker that had a drinking problem and was a very violent drunk."- Our moms.

We got a wicked lineup for you, and it goes a little something like this

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Vocals - Sam Zucker

He is a big boy with a big appetite. One time I heard he ate dinner with the president and then they argued about politics. Well I'll be damned if I've ever seen a southerner so disgruntled in my life.

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Bass Guitar- Lenny Schwartz

Possibly reptilian. Hails from Portland, Oregon. Also plays bass in christian straight edge band Shakusky.

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Drums - Liam Cregan

A pretty boy with nothing to give back to the world other than smiles and hair flips that melt your heart and genitals. If you look at him for too long you might fall under his spell. Don't ever let him near you, he will infatuate you, and you will be helpless. Also plays drums in 80's cover band Shakusky.

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Guitar - Nick Capezutto

Part of our committment to community outreach includes our work with Nick. He is allowed his on amp, guitar, and we even let him turn the amp on sometimes. It can be often frustrating working with Nick, but seeing the smile on his face when he feels included makes it all worth while.

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Guitar - Nate Galloway

Nate also plays in a cool Shakusky cover band called Snowhaus. We all assume he grew up in some decade or dimension similar to the 70's but he's a good guy dou. If you hear someone calling you Ghost Pepper during the middle of the night don't worry, just don't answer and the both of you will be better off.

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Trumpet - Dan Surdyka

His treachery knows no bounds. He was the one who made lunch taste bad that day. He was the one that poured cement in your shoes. He is the reason why Sam is a shallow husk of what he once was. Also loud, annoying, and is easily confused.

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Trombone - Anthony Masi

Once a rich oil man from the heart of Texas, Anthony now devotes his time to his professional wrestling altar ego, Tony Massive. Weighing in at 666 pounds, Tony Massive is a spirit-crusher in the ring, having defeated legendary former champion the Notorious P.I.G. Tony Massive is proud of his achievements in the wrestling world. Don't tell anyone he plays trombone in a ska band, though.

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Alto Saxophone - Tom Garrahan

Mike's imaginary friend who always has a good one liner, and always knows the perfect way to start an engaging conversation. Tom is well dressed, well liked, and in good standing in his ska band, and academic society. Tom is imaginary.

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Alto Saxophone - Mike Dou

With a 1% encounter rate in the wild, the illusive Michael Dou is seldom seen outside of his domain. Brawny, ruggedly handsome, and soft hands to add, Mike occasionally emerges to feed and browse the internet in order to find the perfect bulk deal on paper towels. Local folklore tells us this is to wipe down his kitchen counter, but a credible source has led us to believe it is really because Mike “just plays sax, bro”. Be on the lookout for this one, he might break your copy of GTA V.

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